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Summer break

In the past month we baptisied the baby, went to the beach several times and I had quit my job and I say this with nothing but joy.

The plan is to be a SAHM for the rest of the year and start job hunting around January when the baby turns 1.

Other than that life has been good. My dad passing one year anniversary is coming up, we are having a special mass and I plan on bring the kids.

Some pictures:

My chichi (grandma) 90th birthday, this are all my cousins The baptism

Fishing with my "mom" friends Can't complain Get together with the kids at the beach

40 weeks

As of last week by this time today I should have a baby in my arms, but no.

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So, things didn't go as expected, and in my control freakness I'm a nervereck

Baby Ana Sofia, not only is not on position but now decided that transverse breech is the way to go, doctor didn't thing We were good candidates for a EVC due mtrics (size of baby.

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Had an appointment with my OB yesterday afternoon.

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Meet my Chichi (grandma) she's 89 and in this picture she's getting ready for dinner with her girlfriends, which include her SiL, her little sister and her cousin all in their early 80's.

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I'm at my moms and I wish I was in the quiet of my house.

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Richi was born at 37 weeks 6 days.

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Are you freaking kidding me?

So, one of my so called friends called me this morning, she first stated that it was her fault that she organize the outings without the rest of us because she doesn't like Mt (my best friend and godmother of my son) which is understandable, but then went on a rant saying that it was my husband fault because he never integrates whatever new guy she brings and how she would never introduce a serious boyfriend ever again to us and shit.

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I'm an emotional turmoil.

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It's 3:40am and I woke up less than hour ago with the crazy need of puking.

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